According to the latest insight, it is speculated that Samsung may introduce sound on display for their new OLED panels at the upcoming CES 2k19.

 Samsung is all set to introduce sound on display for OLED panels at the world’s biggest technology show. The South Korean based tech giant is expected to reveal their latest introduction to the advancing technology field.

In the upcoming 2k19 CES at Las Vegas, Samsung is expected to showcase the latest sound on display technology which they demonstrated for the first time during the month of May at the SID display week. The sound on display technology is quite new and is a very innovative means to eliminate the need of an external earpiece speaker and instead uses the vibrating display screen to emit sound.

Sound on display is a new and upgraded variant in bone conducting technology which is also used in the headphone and hand free. It is also speculated that a number of Korean and Chinese technology manufacturers are going to introduce similar technology.

It is quite interesting to observe such rapid development by various manufacturers to introduce sound on display, but this technology was introduced by LG last year on their 6.22-inch display device. Not only LG but Xiomi Mi Mix and Vivo Nex as also used similar feature prior to Samsung.

As Vivo Nex was very dynamic and its SOD feature was also quite efficient, Samsung is bound to introduce a similar function for their latest upcoming flagship device.

South Korean based manufacturing giant Samsung is well renowned for its innovation and durability, which makes the user base of smartphone devices much more speculative for the upcoming sound on display feature.

 It is believed that Samsung may induce the latest feature in their upcoming Flagship mobile phone which is Galaxy S10. This device is expected to be of next-generation smartphone which would include an on-screen fingerprint scanner, wireless charging, sleek design and sound on display with latest Exynos 9820 processor and much more.

Galaxy S10 is expected to make a grand entry by February 2k19 and is anticipated to compete within market iPhone X and Mi. Still, Samsung can prove to take a considerable chunk of market share with such latest innovation in its Galaxy S10. This can become a significant deterrent amongst the other flagship devices out there.

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