Although the Nvidia RTX 3000 in the WS75 employs the same Nvidia TU106 GPU as the gaming-oriented Nvidia RTX 2070 notebook variant, it doesn’t fare as well in 3DMark, a benchmark focused on testing gaming performance. Whereas the GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q scores around 7,500, the RTX 3000 only scored 6,093 in performance mode. Switching to Balanced cut the graphics performance by 66 per cent. The graphics score didn’t fluctuate much in Super Power Save mode, although the processor score was significantly lowered.

We measured both drives in the laptop. The primary drive was shown to have better random writes at high queue depth.
Because workstation laptops are designed for entirely different workloads, we rely on SiSoft Sandra Lite to paint a general picture of how it performs in production, financial, and simulation scenarios. Like aforementioned, workstation-grade graphics use drivers that are specifically optimized for their intended workloads.

Because it’s unlikely anyone would ever select power-saving modes for heavy productivity, I’ve omitted it from testing. All tests except for Image Processing are conducted with high-precision FP32 data. In most benchmarks, setting the power profile to High-Performance significantly raises the score.Impressively enough, the WS75 has three fans to dissipate heat. A dual-fan array at the top right spins at a lower rate on the opposite corner.

It’s clear that the WS75 prioritizes performance over acoustics in high-performance. All three fans proactively increased their speed to mitigate throttling as much as possible even at the slightest rise in temperature. Their moaning is an earful, but what you lose in blissful silence, you gain back in fantastic cooling; even at full throttle, the keyboard area was never hot to the touch.

Stressing the processor using AIDA 64 shows how it throttles under full load. In multithreaded workloads, all cores can stay at peak clock for about a minute before leveling out at around 2.7GHz. At this frequency, the temperature level bounces between 70 to 80 degrees.In Silent and Super Battery Saver modes, the fans are virtually inaudible even under load. And despite the severely limited processor and graphics performance, the WS75 can still easily handle daily productivity tasks.

A wide chassis often means a spacious keyboard. The 17” WS75 has one with a full number pad. The keys are springy, silent, and adequately spaced for a comfortable typing experience. It unfortunately omits the RGB backlight of its gaming counterpart and settles with plain white ones.

The landing strip trackpad is another story. While there’s plenty of navigation space, sensitivity is a bit too jumpy. It registered slides as clicks more than once. But the most painful thing is its placement and width. Situated directly in the area where the right palm rest is supposed to be, it’s nearly impossible not to bump the right click when typing. This was infuriating as it would summon context menus at random.

Powerful laptops have long been sufferers of poor battery life, but in 2019, the story has improved. With the power profile set to silent, I was actually able to eke out a few hours of web browsing and writing from its 82Wh battery. Endurance drops to only a couple hours on performance mode when editing pictures in Lightroom, however, and drops to just under an hour when stress-tested with benchmarks.Workstation notebooks are rarely synonymous with sleek and thin, but the MSI WS75 stands as a pinnacle example of one against that current.

MSI’s decision to repurpose a proven chassis design for the professional space was an excellent one. It already solves much of the thermal considerations when designing a new laptop. Of course, part of its success is attributed to the advancement in microprocessor’s power efficiency over the years, but packing all that hardware into such a form factor was unthinkable just a few years ago.

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