Safe use and maintenance of Meat Shaving Machine

Meat Shaving Machine is a key device in the meat processing process. It can slice large pieces of frozen meat. The Meat Shaving Machine uses a strong rotation of the cutter to cut the frozen meat into pieces of different thickness. The frozen meat is cut into pieces without thawing, which can save the frozen meat thawing process and improve the work. Efficiency, the cut pieces of meat are directly supplied to the chopper or Meat grinder to ensure the quality of the meat, reduce labor intensity, and be environmentally friendly.


The use and maintenance of Meat Shaving Machine has the following:

  1. Turn on the power, adjust the thickness scale, check whether the machine is running normally, and put in the raw materials.
  2. Do not pick up the items on the splint when the machine is running. If there is any problem, stop the machine for processing.
  3. Require operators to concentrate, not distracting, and not allowed to chat with others.
  4. The power must be turned off when cleaning. When cleaning the blade, use a purse and a towel or wire brush to clean the hands and body away from the machine blade.
  5. Non-professionals, as well as personnel from other departments, may not use without permission.
  6. If you do not strictly abide by it and violate the regulations, you will be severely punished. If there is any consequence, the hotel will not bear any responsibility and ask everyone to attach great importance to it.
  7. The machine must be lubricated on time to check if the machine is running properly.
  8. The method of sharpening the knife must be operated according to the instructions.
  9. When not using the machine, clean the machine in time and pay attention to safety. I hope that everyone can raise their awareness of self-protection and avoid accidents.

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