Researchers from an evolutionary perspective to understand the development of tumors, the individual cells develop into tumors in the process as a short-term evolution of cellular events. The article points out, multicellular organisms have evolved in order to maintain the multi-cell genetics some restrictions. In theory, the cancer may be the result of such restrictions occur due to the collapse.

Researchers through the complete life cycle of a transplanted tumor to show people, cancer metastasis impetus from multiple cell-related gene loss of function mutations in positive selection. Expression analysis revealed a significant reduction multicellular related genes, as well as the evolution of the embryonic stem cell expression profile, unlimited reproduction ability of Mouse Platelet Factor 4 ELISA Kit is similar to single-cell life. In the long evolutionary history, the emergence of multi-cellular oncogene is associated with increased birth rate. And generally in the tumor, loss of function of tumor suppressor to be more activated oncogene.

These data show that the cancer expresses a deletion function driven by a retro-evolution, back to a single cell "ground state." This model can explain the evolution of cancer among tumors and genetic heterogeneity within the tumor, to help people understand cancer metastasis to the far end, is expected to bring new inspiration for cancer treatment.

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