The first part of the theme pavilion "special technique", invited guests of Roger Du Pi Bernard Goods are available in all varieties. across table factory. This seat is provided with avant-garde temperament avant-garde architecture, to streamline the glass curtain luck Fake wall show permeation soul, mechanical structure of the modernist style contain sophisticated, are interpreted from the angle of architectural aesthetics Luojiedu that advocates the rational spirit of innovation in the core. In this exhibit, Rojdu that began in 1995 luck Watch will be its own course of development, with the means of time axis one one show, more than 30 pieces of self-produced movement like the medal of honor, has recorded a remarkable time journey, including a very successful hollow Fake Longines Watch double tourbillon, independent rattrapante automatic chain timing, three ask, calendar, patent four hairspring balance wheel, endowed with independent soul Rojdu Peter timepiece unique. As the first world another Excalibur Quatuor four hairspring balance wheel watches, brings together Rojdu that Fake Seiko Watch a number of special technology, not only the integration of four balance and new power storing mechanism, at the same time with the five groups of differential, the extraordinary mechanical mechanism and strong design sense of oneness. Rojdu Peter Fake Tissot PR100 always adhere to the core parts of the R & D and production, in the vertical integration of the highest, watch parts including hairspring balance wheel etc. micro parts by the factory's own R & D and production and Breitling Avenger Skyland Fake modified by hand grinding. The persistence of the stringent requirements, completely from the brand positioning of their core value -- the traditional technology and innovative design of seamless integration between. The concept of "time", this has been the most complete interpretation.

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