Remote Shutters Are Better Than Timers: Know Why

A digital photograph taken recently dubbed an element must be heard, or seen about. Peering curiously into the camera lens, It shows a little squirrel - with the two happy campers in the slightly out of focus background and element in perfect focus.

It's a good question. You see, before you set up the shot, you need to get the focus right when you set up a timer to shoot digital photography. In other words, to take a sharp photo of it, the camera with remote camera control needs to focus its lens on the subject if your subject is sitting 5 meters away. Then until the photo is taken, it'll remain the same once this is set up.

Just on that note, double checking the focus is correct and by aiming your camera onto something that's say 5 meters away, you can easily test it out if you're planning to do just that. To be all set up as well of course, you’ll need the tripod.


On whatever you put in front of them, most modern digital cameras will automatically focus but sometimes to get it precisely right, it takes a little fiddling around.

But it's a bit different, when you use a remote shutter. A remote shutter lets you to adjust focus at your wish, and take a photo anytime. Allowing them to control their camera from a distance, the photographers used a remote shutter in the curious case of the element.

Of course, Timers will always have their uses. Some hands-on and instantaneous creativity is certainly allowed by using a remote shutter for your digital camera. For their unexpected photo-mate either, the photographers in this case hadn't planned - with the mountains in the background, to snap a picture of them they had set up their camera.

On where you want to go take your snaps, and what you want to photograph too, it all depends. You look it's just a matter of keeping your finger on the remote shutter at all times, with photo opportunities everywhere!

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