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The founder of the Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program, Dr. Bill Releford, discusses the benefits of screening African American men for diabetes on “The Doctors” and hypertension in a Black-owned barbershop. The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program addresses health disparities and heart disease in African American men through creativity, innovation, and hard work.

Addressing health disparities and heart disease in African American men is essential and will require creativity, innovation, and hard work. Because African American males are more affected by diabetes and hypertension than any other ethnic group, creative and innovative outreach is important.

Dr. Bill Releford explains his schedule at doctors. At the barbershop, volunteers examine men for diabetes, check their blood pressure, and educate them about the risks of smoking and the health benefits of exercising and eating well.

By the spring of 2009, the campaign has hit New Orleans, Chicago, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. By screening African American men for both diabetes and hypertension at various barbershop around the country, the program has the potential to save lives and address health care disparities within these communities.

Releford Medical Institute:   

The Releford Medical Institute (RMI) is founded by CEO Dr. Bill Releford, a full-service pediatric, sports medicine, and orthopedic practice. Through the Releford Foot & Ankle Institute, the Releford Medical Institute is committed to healthcare outreach and advocacy.

It aims to expand community-based health screening through innovative partnerships and a long-term commitment to reduce diabetes-related amputation rates and to provide comprehensive wound care and organ rescue services.



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Dr. Bill J. Releford, a podiatric surgeon based in Los Angeles, is a graduate of the Temple School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia. He began his practice in 1990 and established the Releford Foot and Ankle Institute.

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