Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Secrets It Holds

Being only released to Play Station, the first edition in the franchise by Rockstar gained a lot of popularity but had to let go of the massive PC market. PC players had always wanted the game in their system, and finally, when Red Dead Redemption 2 was launched, the attraction was instant. Rockstar already has a massive following with games like GTA V and previous editions, a similar game in a Wild West setup was much welcomed. Regardless of the multiplayer option, this one was one of the biggest games launched in the past decade. The in-game campaign has a fantastic story as well as the gameplay technique along with the spectacular graphics, makes it a success story. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been nearly out for two years now, but still, players are finding new things every day. 


This constant search for new secrets every day keeps the game enjoyable just the same as its first day, and it is a testament to the hard work and sweat put into the game by the developers. So here are a few secrets.

The Eyes of Arthur Morgan

The first on this list is a discovery made by Reddit user ChanDanGreene99 who noticed that Arthur’s pupils in Red Dead Redemption 2 would dilate depending on the lighting. This feature obviously is so minute but so detailed that it makes us realize how much work went into the game, to make something so human-like in a game. The detail being so small was of course missed by the players a lot, and it doesn’t affect the gameplay in any way, but Rockstar did it nonetheless.

Reloading the Bullets

Another new and interesting quirk found in the gameplay which is still a mystery is the sequence of when Arthur Morgan reloads his gun with bullets. As posted, a clip of by a Reddit user called Bornstellar67, Morgan can be seen saying something as he reloads the gun. Without the audio to support it, it was initially assumed that he Morgan was just counting the number of bullets, but it was soon discredited as none of his facial actions resembled that of mouthing numbers. The counter debate still goes on as no one officially knows what is being said. Some presume that it is a glitch from Rockstar’s side, and some believe that Arthur Morgan might be just telling others off. It is still unknown officially.

The Wild-life

One of the reasons that make this game the masterpiece that it is is the open-world gameplay that it provides to the players. And along with the open-world, comes a host of different qualities such as weather and wildlife. The game is beaming with wildlife, and the players can, of course, take a diversion from the main storyline and go explore everything that the world has to offer and take in the digital nature. Other really amazing details like wildlife interaction where two bucks began banging their antlers together are small details put in by Rockstar. Of course, this particular interaction isn’t a secret, given that other animals also engage in a fight in the game.

However, PPLove a Redditor discovered something they haven’t seen before, and during such a fight between the two bucks, one had died, but its antlers were caught in the other buck. The recording showed how the other buck struggled to get free from his dead opponent, and it eventually succeeded without any help.

Arthur’s Hygiene

Rockstar while making this game didn’t leave any aspect behind. And this thing can be very well seen as there is the option of maintaining hygiene in the game. There is an option to take baths. Although doing this is not an absolute necessity in the game nor does it affect the storyline in any way, but you will also notice that the environment gameplay may change a bit as one may notice that customers of saloons will spur out snide remarks and shopkeepers may even exclaim their disgust. Moreover, if Arthur enters Eagle Eye, there will be a physical manifestation of his body odour, which is an indicator that the character needs to get a shower.

This just goes to show the details gone into the making of the game and how to advance it as all the NPCs of the game can keep track of Arthur Morgan’s hygiene. And this dedication to the game is what made the game so popular.

Newspaper Stay Up-to-Date

The last thing on this list is a bit odd for a game as it revolves around reading a newspaper in a game. However, looking into this aspect, you will notice that the newspaper on the game called Saint-Denis Times is definitely worth picking up. Time to time you will notice that the paper mentions the Van Der Linde Gang’s activities, and it may even talk about a mission that the player recently accomplished. Although missed by a lot of players given the reading aspect in a game, these are the details that make the game one of the best in its time.

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