Reasons Why You Should Protect The Environment

In the modern world, we, humans has forgotten our responsibilities. We are much more distracted by the tight schedules and the other factors in our lives that keeps us busy, such as the video games and the televisions. A majority of us don’t get the chances to enjoy the beauty and the nature of the earth because we are busy with the distractions that we are dealing with life. We might not notice the importance and the environment but it is not a reason for us to destroy the precious environment.

For the future generations

We have a lot do with the nature. We go biking, play sports and we take time to enjoy the nature even though we don’t value it. Come to think of it, shouldn’t we protect the nature for the generations to come? How would you feel when your children or your grandchildren doesn’t have the chance of enjoying the nature that we once enjoyed? Think about and make wise decisions. Every small mistake that we make will affect the nature. One mistake that we make in our day to day lives can do major damages to the environment. Always try to keep the surrounding clean. You can do so by recycling. When recycling, collecting different types of materials separately will make it a lot easier for you to get your waste recycled easily. With the use of recycle bins, this will be a lot easier for you to handle.


To protect the animals

Even though humans are dominating the earth, humans and animals have the equal right of earth but it is lesser known by the humans. Many animals die to loss of their habitats due to human activities and a lot of species are extinct or is vulnerable to extinct. This situation has to be changed for the better or in the years to come, some animals will only be seen through virtual methods. Due to the increased global warming, the polar ice are melting and what will happen to the polar bears and the penguins? Almost all the animals are threatened by the selfish human activities and one should put a stop to it. Animals deserve to live in their natural habitats. Day by day, the space for the animals decrease.

The resources

It is not only the animals that are protected and benefited by the nature but also the humans. The nature provides us with a lot that helps us get on with our live. When we destroy the nature, we are destroying the things that it has to offer. Most of the medicine that we buy from the stores are plants and if we destroy the nature, how are we going to get the medicine that will help save a life? The rainforests have a lot of natural medicines that have helped in finding the cures for many dangerous diseases and with more researches done, cure for more diseases can be discovered but at this rate of rainforests being destroyed, it leaves a question mark.

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