Python has found an exponential growth in the 21st century. Python, as mentioned in various blogs, is in demand because of many reasons such as the ease with which it can be learned, the automation of boring stuff and the development of web applications. A few years back, Python was learned only for scripting.  Many preferred Python over Perl, another scripting language at that time.

Experienced programmers who have knowledge of Ruby, Java or JavaScript, look upon Python as a new tool. Python offers you the capability to automate insignificant processes and make them more exciting. Python offers many options such as frameworks, libraries and domains like web development, machine learning and data science.


Python is growing and becoming the most powerful language and various people have different views on learning this language. Apart from its easy English interface, it has a standard library which packs in over 300 modules.  These modules provide tools aimed to execute a wide variety of problems and self-create solutions. In spite of being an IDE, it can function as a shell which means that one can write and execute programs within the same environment. It allows a user to assign multiple variables within a single line of code.

Python is simple and readable. Python has some of the best libraries for data science and machine learning like Pandas, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow and Keras. Python is not tied to one single discipline. Web applications can be created using Flask and Django. Data analysis can be done using SciPy, NLTK, Scikit-Learn and NumPy.


Python programming language is the most popular language for data scientists as claimed by IEEE. Python job profiles include: Data Scientist, Research Analyst, Software Developer and others. The steady rise of this programming language is giving rise to more job opportunities. Python was adopted as the primary programming language by 41 large organizations which include Facebook, Quora, Dropbox, Reddit, Netflix and YouTube.


This language is widely used to develop GUI applications like Tk GUI library, scientific and numeric applications like Pandas and SciPy, web applications such as HTML and XML, business applications namely Odoo and Tryton. Various games were also developed using game engines like PySoy and PyGame.


This language is in demand because of its rich ecosystem. The breadth offered serves as its major advantage. Python can process machine learning algorithms better than R programming on preprocessed datasets. Python supports multiple programming paradigms which means that it offers both object-oriented and structured programming. It even features automatic memory management and dynamic type system. This language is important for data scientists as it contains vast use in data science because of its syntax and simplified readability. This language has been a trend on many challenging websites providing a boost among coders and keeping their enthusiasm alive.


If you’re into coding and would prefer learning an easy language which is in demand and of varied use. Python course in Pune will help you to learn this language from scratch and excel further.

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