PVC wood-plastic decoration decoration

PVC wood can be widely used in building decoration and other decorative packaging, such as corners line, particleboard bar, curtains, door pockets, floors, fences, skirting board, art board, shutters, frames, picture frames, window frames, toys and general furniture items , interior doors, the vast majority of indoor and outdoor decorative building materials can be used to manufacture PVC WPC.natural wood fences

Of particular note is to use wood to manufacture decorative materials in addition to bringing the fire hazard, but also easy to mold and insects, a security risk. The PVC wood logs abandoning shortcomings, improve the deficiency logs, it retains the unique wooden logs texture. Compared to wood, wood material with a waterproof, fire safety features, which can be used to decorate the kitchen, bathroom and so on.balcony wood designs

Meanwhile PVC WPC can be produced according to different wood species and color of the different grades and different specifications, different colors of products. As the production process by extrusion molding, automatic continuous production, the length of any ruling, it is not and the logs. Wood products has been widespread international attention, as the new green materials, will have broad prospects for development.replacement wood for bench deck

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