production process of stone crusher

With the development of aluminium industry, the red mud all over the world at present, the annual emissions of about 70000000 tons, emissions China red mud a year more than 7000000 tons, long-term occupation of land, resulting in land alkalization, groundwater contamination, harm people's health. So many of the red mud yard not only occupy land, and red mud heap barren, easy to produce dust and landslides, destroyed the ecological environment around the aluminum plant.

With the development of stone crusher technology is improving, the yield also increased year by year, the use of advanced production technology, but a by-product of red mud in the production process of alumina -- is always a problem to be solved.Many people do not know can recovery from red mud, after recovery from red mud can be sent to the red mud treatment plant during processing.

At present, the production of alumina red mud produced did not take treatment measures properly, and the years of production, although carried out a series of recycling attempt, but are more or less problems. Now the domestic Alumina Ltd to each as an example, the red mud dump 16000000 tons of red mud have been piling into Pyramid type more than 70 meters high, causing serious pollution. How to handle and use these alkaline red mud waste, has become a hot problem concerned by society.

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