Processing process of goat milk assembly line

Goat milk assembly line is employed to process goat milk assembly line. The goat milk contains rich nutrients. The molecules of goat milk are smaller than milk and straightforward for physical body to soak up. Some people ca n’t absorb the milk, so it are often absorbed by the goat milk. it's recognized that milk on the brink of breast milk has high nutritional value. Drinking goat milk is extremely good for your health. it's suitable for all types of individuals, whether it's the elderly, children, or children.

For goat milk assembly line, goat milk has an equivalent great smell as mutton. Some people cannot accept this smell and can't drink goat milk. we've designed degassing tanks for this example. After the goat milk is degassed, The taste is extremely small, and it's acceptable for many people. After milk is squeezed out from the pasture, it's then sterilized. After sterilization, it are often drunk directly. Nothing is added. it's nutritious and healthy. More and more, the marketplace for pasteurized goat milk remains excellent.

Processing process of goat milk production line: feeding milk → milk storage → pre-heating → homogenization → sterilization → degassing → cooling → finished milk storage → filling → capping → coding, filling bottles, cups, bags for supply Select, make yogurt with yogurt fermentation tank, consistent with the precise requirements of consumers to supply a customized solution, you'll map on-site customized solutions.

There are two sorts of goat milk production line: tank type and plate type. The tank type are often selected for processing one or two plenty of milk. The processing workshop are often quite 100 square meters. The operation of the entire set of kit is straightforward and only 2-3 people can.

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