Princess side pendant has a lot of weight, like diamonds, Choi Po, silverware, jade and so on, then, how much money is the 18K Diamond Princess Pendant? This is a diamond pendant, simple and stylish in a low-key luxury, perfect show the elegant and elegant posture of the wearer, the beauty of the pearl, In the neck of the charming Smart, add a touch of crystal bright brilliance, with gorgeous cast eternal, with the Iraqi people Cartier real 18k gold Love Ring before the heart, the price of 5-6 million or so.
According to legend, there was a Belgian king, specifically for her daughter to create a unique and mysterious square diamonds, four edges and corners represent the love, love, love, love. Princess square diamond simple and stable appearance represents a simple and generous temperament, it uses a straight line show charm and content, and open-minded, calm male temperament natural match; ladies wear, can create a feeling of hardness and softness, highlight the modern women self-confidence open-minded tolerance The
Whether it is from the international jewelry market, or the domestic jewelry market, the princess is now the most popular one, the princess pendant has the world’s most fans, which is not only the princess side of the glamor, is the princess side pendant To give you a life expectation, a yearning, a vision for the future.
Pendant necklace is also a pendant with a necklace or chain with a pair of necklaces, necklaces or chains real 18k gold Hermes Clic Clac H bracelet are can be opened for the pendants can also be changed to facilitate a variety of collocation, but also to facilitate the necklace problems, A chain or a rope. Pendant is currently much more than the necklace style, at the time of purchase, you can also buy a few pendants, a necklace, one day for a pendant to wear, necklace is no need to change can also save money.
Pendant is wearing a prominent shape on the neck of the main body. Common pendants are diamond pendants, tourmaline pendants, pearl pendants and crystal pendants and amber pendants, all kinds of precious stones pendants, all kinds of gold pendants and so on. Pendants usually do not exist alone, usually with a string or metal chain can be worn on the neck, as a necklace to wear. Platinum and k gold are the most popular and popular metal materials.
Necklace is made of gold and silver jewelry and so on made in the chain of neck shape jewelry. Common necklaces are gold necklace, pearl necklace and platinum necklace, K gold necklace and so on. Necklace is different from the pendant, the necklace can be worn directly on the neck, is a separate jewelry, you can also wear a pendant. Some necklaces will be fixed directly connected to the pendant, or made in the necklace pendant, you can also real 18k gold Hermes earrings wear directly, no longer connect the pendant decoration, can no longer wear pendants.
Pendant necklace color to match the color of clothing as a good tone, so you can form a sharp contrast. Such as: monochrome or plain clothing, wearing a brightly colored necklace, jewelry can be more eye-catching, decorated in the jewelry, the clothing color is also rich. Colorful clothing, wearing a simple and simple necklace, will not be gorgeous clothing accounted for too much limelight, can complement each other.
Pendant necklace real 18k gold hermes ring  maintenance. Pendant necklace maintenance is the most important daily cleaning and display. 1, do a good job dust removal, usually with a soft brush dip hot water in the pendant necklace gently scrub the surface, and then clean the soft cloth to dry the necklace, if the ordinary hot water is not clean, you can also dip a little soapy water The 2, pendant necklace to stay away from oil, away from cosmetics and other chemical substances. 3, regular cleaning, do not wear when you need to clean and then into the jewelry box alone.

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