Popular Choice of Self Tanning Products


Now when everyone knows the harm of getting tanned under the harmful UV rays of the sun, people have started looking out for better and healthy alternative to get tan. With dark tanned bodies becoming the latest trend, there was high demand for tanning products that can promise instant glow of bronze skin tone to every skin tone. And all thanks to the intensive research of cosmetics companies which have now come up with various variants of tanning products which promises a beautiful and alluring tan glow for every skin. From the expensive range that can be used only by the trained professionals to get the look at home tanning products; there are ample of choices to choose from.

But among the so many choices, here we are listing the most common yet popular tanning products. Take a look:

  • Tanning oil

One of the highest achieving sunless options that gives you instant tanned look is the tanning oil. Available in both chemical based as well as organic-based formulas; it is always better to opt for natural ingredients. Giving your skin a natural bronze/brown skin tone while keeping it hydrated and nourished, tanning oils are also popular because of their easy availability in the market. But before you invest in any of them, make sure to consult your dermatologist.

  • Self Tanning lotions

Yes, now miracles are available in lotion bottles too. Use it get that instant glow or just apply them for touch-ups, they are best especially for those who are always on the go.  Available in lotion form, these formulas are better to convince your skin for that well-deserved bronze and brown glow that can make you look amazing without keeping you under the harmful UV radiations of the sun.

  • Self-tanner body mist

Believe it or not but these self-tanner body mist can actually make your skin feel smooth even while maintaining that super tanned glow. The rich color of these body mists will never leave that awkward orange color on your skin even while fading. What else could you have looked out for? So, whenever you invest in them make sure to put some extra money to enjoy the everlasting solutions.

Nowadays, almost all of them can be used like at home tanning products also. By taking care of all precautions and with small practice it is now easy to get a salon-like tan glow. So, next time when you think of getting fake tanned, don’t miss a chance to give it a try at home.

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