poe3.0 | Marauder build - Whirlwind Fire Axry Oriya continent's Vulcan

poe3.0 overall game environment for just a variety of physical problems for enhance the friendly equipment to back up with everyone for more information on a land reclamation and ENDGAME build,This build is bundled in addition to your core equipment (Rittenham's abyssome Ngamahu's Flame Abyssal Ax), and then other parts could be adjusted as needed
bd Features: Rittenham's Ngamahu's Flame Abyssal Ax itself offers the ability to trigger huge output damage (Molten burst) and still provide (physical destruction of Physical to Fire Support) 20% (Fire Penetration Support).Without the need for 6 holes in principle to offer the skills with the 9 even effect lately injury to increase the space, playing in addition for the boss are unable to steal the standard do not pick map affix, and low cost

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1. Cyclone-Elemental Damage with Attacks Support-Melee Physical Damage Support-Added Fire Damage Support-Fortify Support- Faster Attacks Support
2. Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - Concentrated Effect Support- Added Fire Damage Support- Greater Multiple Projectiles Support- Physical Projectile Attack Damage Support- Fire Penetration Support
3.Cast when Damage Taken Support---- Immortal Call Summon Flame Golem Herald of Ash
4.Leap Slam--- Fortify Support--- Faster Attacks Support--- Blood Magic Support
5.Shoes: curse aura - flammable other based on their own choice with ancestors chiefs many injury will do
Blood Run on Sulfur (Lion's Roar) (Dying Sun)
Core Binding:
(Rittenhamian Abyss Axes Ngamahu's Flame Abyssal Ax) Choose high physical damage high attack speed 6 empty no need 6 even
(De Vodo's Belief Helmets Nightmare Bascinet) (Rimno's Pride Helm Hrimnor's Resolve Samite Helmet) or high blood high resistance gold can
You may also choose (Carcass Jack Varnished Coat) or (Cospri's Will Assassin's Garb) - provide one other way of thinking , Through the double curse to your enemy injury)
3.0 Universal (Belly with the Beast Full Wyrmscale) offers high blood resistance and high resistance.
Necklace might be selected (de Río's rookie amulet) or essence with the points out from the fire injury necklace (physical damage necklace + percentage fire) have high blood resistance can basically graduated
Ring (Opal Ring) (Ring Ring Steel Ring) (Alloy Ring Steel Ring) can be a good choice to feature properties with all the resistance could be provided through the ring to improve the injury more attributes with the price will likely be very good,Gloves (Spike Gloves) Spiked Gloves Select High Life Physical Points Wrong Strengths Best Speed ??Other Make Up Blood Resistance,Shoes simple life + three anti-+ speed may be
Thieves choose
3.0 from the thieves elect to kill all 2 points talent
The number of Soul from the Brine King as well as the relative benefit for Soul of Yugul
(Painful robbing Pain Reaver)
(Cloaked in Savagery) 100% problems for life to offer a great method of life-saving means
(Crave the Slaughter)
(Flesh and blood chapter Aspect of Carnage) 40% more damage 4 sublimation greatly improve damage
In the farm stage in accordance together with the above route are going to pay attention to comprise life is usually,Late endgame stage resistance your enough to pay focus on make up the damage to choose ax injury or flame harm to the talent point plus

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