POE game version update optimization

War optimization
Most of the killing mechanisms can be operated during wartime events.
If the war contains a general of any warlord, add a visual indicator when approaching the stone array.
Some war monsters can't generate endurance, crit, or rage. This is to reduce the impact on performance.
In the Temple of Azwart, the mirror of jewels can now be used to “corrupt a skill geek to become a level 21” in the smashing of corruption.
Fixed a situation where there was no warning message when trying to attach a new incubator when there was already a incubator and labyrinth enchantment on the item.
Fixed a time when eternal jewels conquered talents that are not connected to your talents (through intuition), which may cause your character talent to be reset or your character to be unable to log in.

Skill optimization
You can't cancel the animation of the skill until you have the skill released and the seal is consumed until all the seals are used.
If you are using an item that will change the position of your character, the magic step will now automatically cancel itself, like the stairs in the tower of the theocracy.
Correct the ability to spend energy balls to skip the cooldown, such as flash strikes or alert strikes, sometimes consuming more than one energy ball at a time. This is only a display exception.
Correct the situation where the range effect of the whirlwind is not displayed correctly for other members of the team. This is only a display exception.
Fix the use of frost, illusion, flash strikes, dedication, and flame sprint at the end of the traverse, which may prevent you from transmitting the traversal.
Correcting the effect of "recent" is affected by the effect of slowing down their effects.
Correcting some of the enchantment effects is affected by the effect of slowing down their effects.
Correcting some of the sublimation effects (Elemental, Guardian, Sacred, Sharp, Thug) are affected by the slowing effect of their failure.
Fix 3.7.2 Appears when a revision occurs. When you quickly use the Guided Casting ability and move it, you may be "Excluded from performing Path of Exile Currency too many actions".
Fixes if you use the mobile skill and press the mobile shortcut to pick up the item at the same time, the skill will be repeatedly applied.
Corrects the condition that the hit damage caused by the lava shield will be absorbed by it.
Correcting Fury will get a rage in the ball even if you don't hit it.

PvP balance adjustment
The skill on the broken inheritor deals 40% less damage to the player.
The skill assisted by the advanced trap deals 15% less damage to the player (not originally reduced).
The trap-assisted ability deals 10% less damage to the player (not originally reduced).
Reflective damage from lava shields is now affected by PvP ratings.
The reflex damage caused by puncture is now affected by the PvP rating.

Game crash correction
Fixed a situation where using flash strikes might crash the game.
Fixed a situation in which melee skills (including flash strikes) that were assisted by melee spread or multiple strikes could crash the game.
Fixed a situation where the game might crash when the war monster becomes actionable.
Fixed a situation where your game might crash if your weapon was removed or cancelled when you used a whirlwind.
Correction When it comes to Chapter 10 Burning the Cathedral and Chapter 3 Moon Shadow Temple: The second floor, there is a possibility that the terrain will fail.
Fixed some common game crashes  Chaos Orb.

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