[POE 3.1 Build] Mace DW Phys Crit Sunder - Shaper Down | All Guardians Deathless

This is really a Physical Critical Sunder build having a high PDPS crit 1H Mace. It does all content.With the Vaal Pact nerf, we're now compelled to Buy POE Currency go over leech with Slayer. This means foregoing the Raider ascendancy altogether, which is often a significant reduction in DPS, yet it's still worthwhile IMO.
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+ Viable as league starter
+ Sunder is often a mechanically sublime talent
+ Very simple and effective
+ All content
+ Highest damage cap Sunder develop amongst gamers
- Probably not HC viable because of having low block/dodge
- Crit mace is niche and could be hard to buy
- Blood Rage + Vaal Pact is uncomfortable
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