Pink-haired Gnomes race across Azeroth right now to raise money for cancers of the breast awareness

Can you listen to it? The ground shakes. The earth creaks. The very spirit in the land trembles. The pink tide is resulting for Azeroth, and it really is adorable. At 7pm EST, the 8th annual Running of The Gnomes commences, a charity event located in World of Warcraft to boost money for breast cancers treatment, research and potential vaccination against, and you may be part than it, too.
Last year's marathon raised $5,500 for that?Cleveland Clinic plus the creators on the Tuohy Vaccine, having a counted 2,860+ gnomes involved inside the festivities. I'd wish to imagine the actual head-count was higher, given how hard it truly is to opt for individual pink puffballs from the sea of fuschia.This year, they're aiming to begin out to begin with raised of $4000 Warmane Gold and alternate from there, an objective well within reach, though it could be somewhat easier when you join straight into.
If you desire to join the run (this past year's seen above), simply create a pink-haired gnome character about the Scarlet Crusade US server. You can read the full breakdown on the event as well as requirements about the Magical Warlock Girl blog here.Blizzard have noticed this event at the same time, and even though their version doesn't have official involvement using the Running Of The Gnomes fundraiser, there are going to be an official race held on all servers in parallel named The Great Gnomeregan Run, utilizing the exact same route because the fundraiser, is actually additional decorations and NPCs to keep people to normal.
Once the race has ended, the Gnomes are unleashed, and thus begins the grand (and a lot likely bloody) exodus to Orgrimmar for that after-party. I can only hope how the Orcs get snacks and drinks laid out for his or her soon to get arriving guests.
No need to stress about level or stats. Any Gnome, regardless how squishy is invited to look at part, simply so long since they're pink and will keep track of the crowd. This means that even free trial players could get in for the good times, too. Keep with the event through #GnomeRun2k17 hashtag on Twitter, and stay sure to share with you your stories and photos with us! You can keep eyes on MMOAH which is essentially the most reliable activity store to present amounts of Cheap Warmane Gold online.

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