There are many problems occurs to our health due to long hours office work or when we do some personal work such as severe back pain, neck pain etc. caused by muscle strain. These are all due to the weak postures or squatting for long hours in a particular posture.

To get relief from this severe pain, physical therapy is the best approach to follow as Physical Therapy Mission Viejo helps to underline the major cause of pain rather than start treating after listening to he concern issues.

Thus, the physical therapist is the one who treats patients in such a way helps the body to heal. It has been proven to be efficient in providing the treatment with essence care.

3819053940?profile=originalPhysiotherapy is basically of two types of passive and active treatments. Passive therapy is about relaxing the body and mind. Active therapy includes therapeutic exercises that will stimulate the body and recover the body from pain.

Passive Treatment includes:

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy:

Deep tissue Physical Therapy Mission Viejo technique is best to heal chronic muscle tension that develops due to daily life stress or because of strains. Physiotherapist cures the pain by using direct pressure to release the stress in your soft tissues, muscles, ligaments etc.

Hot and Cold Therapy:

A therapist performs hot and cold therapies by using heat in order to get more blood to the target an affected area as an increased blood flow carries more oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. Blood is best to remove waste that is created by muscle spasms.

Active Therapy:

Active therapy includes all the exercise that is required to improve body flexibility, strength, mobility and moment. These all exercises will be prescribed by the physical therapist after checking all your health issues.

Thus, South OC Chiropractic have all the experienced doctors who will heal all the pain by suggesting you the personalised exercise and massage therapy treatment that will be essential for your health.

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