Life is both a long farewell, but also a return trip, such as never stop shaking pendulum, like a pass in the rotation of the forward pointer, the face of the passage of time, we can only do cherish The
People are always lost before they know how to cherish, until life is about to burn into the time to wake up. At the end of his wife’s life, the husband tried to stop the ruthless clock, let the time stop, let the time go slow, expect to accompany his wife a second, but this is just a desperate and unable to expect. Until the death of his wife, the husband fake cartier love bracelet relieved of life that moment, the meaning of life on the moment to get a complete sublimation!
In our lives, both for the lover or family, there are always a few times, there seems to be thousands of reasons to hinder the time together. No matter how the end, the challenge of the achievements of the dream of the gentleman to send the watch Qi Bolin remind you: the cause of busy again, do not ignore the people who accompany you in silence, back to the time, please cherish the time with TA.
Watch from the date of birth with the gentleman has a bond, a different watch highlights the gentleman of different tastes, hobbies and appreciation. The watch itself is like a gentleman, and gentlemen who have coincide with the fine qualities.
From the centuries of airship legend Qi Boling watches, the beginning of the airship as a designated gift for the German high society and royal nobility exclusive, by the gentleman’s favorite.
Qi Bolin 7656, by the gentleman’s favorite, hemispherical high-level table mirror, magnifying the scale at the same time make the watch more slim; almost completely covered by the table ultra-thin bezel and hand-polished airship style case, the polishing process With a very delicate texture; gear polished crown, to Fake Cartier Nail bracelet prevent school slippery, intimate 3 o’clock calendar window, exquisite back through the design, leather strap and Milan steel belt multiple choice, with a bag of aesthetics Style, simple, practical and full of German rigorous temperament. A variety of color literal & strap type, to meet the gentleman’s different styles of taste.
Qi Bo Lin Earl watch, taken from the history of the same name airship “Qi Bolin Earl LZ 127”, its design inspiration from the Earl of the airship around the world stop the city of Egypt, Brazil, Germany, Pakistan, will travel around the world dream With the table with the resident, is very suitable for the world’s wrist to choose the wrist.
The Earl was the first large passenger airship built by the company, and was the world’s largest airship. During the heyday of the Zibolin airship in 1929-1937, the count was flying more than 590 times for a total of 1.7 million kilometers, including 144 transoceanic flights (over 143 times in the Atlantic Ocean and 1 in the Pacific Ocean). The voyages arrived in Europe, Asia and South America and North America. Qi Bo Lin airship is the history of the most important and most successful airship, Qi Bolin series of watches also as the year’s airship, in the Zibo Lin watch family plays a decisive role, by the business gentleman’s favorite.
Women’s jewelry is always a popular change, and the watch is an eternal machinery, it will not because of the popular trend and ups and downs. This is also the reason many collectors loved the table. Watch is beyond the material companion, with the watch to accompany, life more than a pleasure, the work will be more of a coherent. Today for everyone to recommend several fine ladies watch.
Watch Comments: Hao Li 561.7621.4964LS solid 18k gold Van Cleef Butterfly Ring watch by the women’s favorite, the mirror with anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position dotted with bright shining 42 diamonds shine. Mysterious black dial, exaggerated digital form for the Rectangular diamond calendar adds a little fashion taste, Arabic numerals and lines on the disk to form a beautiful picture, with an artistic atmosphere. The date display window is located at six o’clock and is very interesting in the number 6.
Watches Comments: Po Chibi white teddy Diva00.10580. watch with a special combination of rose gold and stainless steel with two, from the dial extension to the chain, the crown intertwined decorative eye-catching fake cartier nail pendant gorgeous dial, creating an elegant painting Femininity. Beautiful diamonds through the strict cutting, followed by engraved on both sides of the case, emitting a shining light, emitting a lively glory. 34mm case small and exquisite, through the anti-reflective arc sapphire crystal mirror, the wearer can clearly get the time, the calendar display window at three o’clock position, rose gold scale, Roman numerals and flash diamonds with the ingenuity Stunning
Watch this comment: This white radar star star series 129.0311.3.001 ladies watch has a diameter of 36 mm, smooth case elegant and beautiful, bezel inlaid with diamonds colorful shine, bright. Watch has a basic time function, to meet the daily wear needs, simple time display scale, so that the dial looks more simple, read at a glance. While the whole body of white high-tech ceramics is moist Ruyu, Can if snow, the perfect interpretation of the entire watch a low-key luxury.
Summary: Women choose watches in addition to the requirements for quality, the more important is the fine. In their Cartier panther ring knockoff own financial resources can be within the scope of control, according to the different needs of choice. It is worth noting that the watch is suitable for their own, just look at pictures and parameters are not too convincing, and only personally try to shop to find their own favorite watch.

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