Peasant brothers developed a high-strength plastic template Fire

In related news, Fuzhou, a peasant farmer to lead the team successfully developed a practical new high-strength plastic template and apply for a national patent, patent number ZL201320465018.X. waterproof bathroom wall board

The utility model patent plastic building templates Fuzhou Plastics Technology Innovation Center certification, is believed to have four major advantages: First, the template "plastic wood", is of great significance, producing 100 million square meters of composite plastic template savings of 4.5 million cubic meters of logs, equivalent to saving 54,000 hectares of forest; Second, this plastic waste into treasure, can be recycled, saving and environmental protection; again, the plastic template template turnover rate than wood, economical and practical, The number of high-strength plastic template to use up to 50 times, an architectural template glued bamboo class 4-8 times; finally, compared with the traditional wooden templates, which greatly improved flame retardant plastic template to provide security for the site construction protection. foam rubber sheets Thailand

R & D team live demonstration of the features of this template: people standing on the tilted bounce template, the template is not broken; thrown from a height of nearly ten meters, the template is not broken; with a lighter to ignite a corner, Template will not burn, but the risk of smoke and no smell. new ceiling designs ideas

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