Path of Exile will expand its content in June and will take us to travel to the past with Incursion

Grinding Gear Games has announced that it is working on what will be the new expansion that will receive in the coming days 'Path of Exile', one of the best RPG that can be found now, and will be 'Incursion'. What will characterize this new content above all is the addition of the new Incursion Challenge League.

In it we will accompany the explorer Alva Valai in his search for the ancient treasure temple Vaal, Atzoatl. Together with her, she will travel to the past to locate the location of this place that houses all kinds of riches, unique objects and many more rewards for all those who dare to enter it.

Each time the players meet Alva, this will open a time portal to visit this temple while it was being built. However, it will not be possible to stay there as long as you want, but visits will have a time counter that can be extended based on killing the creatures and enemies that inhabit their halls and rooms.

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Each of the twelve Temporary Incursions will serve, apart from to acquire a large number of objects, to influence its content in the present. In this way, the actions will affect which rooms will appear in the current version of the temple. For example, in the past it will be possible to locate keys that will only serve to open doors in the future.

Along with all this new objects, letters, a dozen new gems, more skills and also have been redesigned some of those that already exist, modifying their effects, mechanical and other aspects. In addition, along with the expansion, two Collaborator packs will be enabled with exclusive armor sets, effects, titles and much more.

The expansion 'Path of Exile: Incursion' will be published on June 1 in its PC version and those who have the game of Xbox One can be done with it from June 4. When you Buy POE Currency from MMOAH, you find out the process is very simple. On MMOAH you will find the best supplier who are guaranteed to send product fast against the best prices. 

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