Path of exile incursion challenge league

Those Vaal skill gems are new to the sport and promise for being extremely powerful. “Vaal Skill Gems charge up because you kill enemies and may be unleashed for any devastating effect. For example, Vaal Detonate Dead chain-explodes every one of the POE Orbs corpses in a area in rapid succession.

Vaal Power Syphon fires your wand in any way nearby enemies, culling them and granting power charges. Some Vaal skills, when fully charged, can be employed multiple times from the span of just one fight.”

The two new challenge leagues, Ambush and Invasion, offer prizes for players who complete all of their challenges. Starting the league means starting a whole new character and racing to compelte the action with the highest score, getting you to your top in the leaderboard.There are 60 new boss monsters, too. And “these new boss fights feature advanced combinations of skills and support gems that any of us’ve never used on monsters before.”

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