Osteoarthritis: solutions against pain

The first reason for consulting people over 60, this cartilage disease cannot be cured, but it can reduce pain and fight against joint stiffness.

Thus, osteoarthritis is not necessarily synonymous with aging. Certainly, the risk increases with age, since this rheumatic disease reaches two thirds of French over 65 years. But the cartilage lesions of older people are very different from an anatomical point of view of those observed in people with osteoarthritis says Pain Management Doctor Nyc. In addition, the disease can also affect young people.


It's not using your joints that use them, but the misuse that is made of them, warns the specialist. Of course, aging plays a role in making the cartilage less able to withstand attacks, but it cannot, on its own, trigger osteoarthritis. The main risk factors are, in particular, heredity, obesity, trauma ... This is indeed a specific disease, which justifies active research, says the Osteoarthritis Doctor In Nyc. Will the disease inevitably worsen? No, because there are factors you can play, reassures Osteoarthritis Specialist Nyc. But this requires the patient to know the disease well and to know himself in order to adopt appropriate measures. Finally, pain and stiffness are no longer a fatality.

Cartilage disease

Osteoarthritis can affect any joint. However, the most frequently affected are the hands and those that support the weight of the body. Thus, the hips, knees, feet and spine are the first exposed (see previous page). At the origin of osteoarthritis, there is progressive deterioration of the cartilage. This elastic and resistant material that covers and protects the end of the bones no longer plays its role of shock absorber when putting weight on the joint, it wears gradually says Hip Doctor In Nyc. At an ultimate stage, the bones rub against each other.

Early consultation is essential

Pain, like many rheumatic conditions, is the major sign of osteoarthritis. It occurs especially during movement and is relieved by rest. Another symptom is the loss of mobility, which increases with progression of the disease. In the end, these changes make it difficult to perform daily tasks (washing, dressing, sewing, and DIY, walking ...) and thus disrupt social and professional life. As for other chronic diseases, the quality of life of osteoarthritis patients is often altered in its entirety, says Back Pain Specialist. Osteoarthritis is difficult to understand because it is unpredictable and does not develop uniformly. Most of the time, it evolves in a succession of painful congestive outbursts - sharp pain in the joint occurring in the morning and sometimes at night. More rarely, the joint can present visible changes to the naked eye (swelling) and increased local heat - interspersed with periods during which symptoms are lessened. Do not wait to consult, especially since congestive flares are probably one of the main phenomena that promote the destruction of cartilage, says Hip Specialist in New York. Your doctor will then be able to refer you to a Pain Management Doctor in New York (rheumatologist, radiologist) or another health professional (physiotherapist ...) for a care adapted to your case.

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