One of those was the Bucks themselves

opener against the Boston Celtics. He did apologize for making the gesture after the game, but it sounds like he also misses that money. I’m sure Wade still ponied up for  NBA 2K MT a decent gift.                       Hope the NBA doesn’t find that post.We need to talk about this extremely sad Bucks promotion - SBNationblockquote class="twitter-tweet" align="center">Buy 2 specially marked @Palermos_Pizza pizzas with your Fresh Perks Card & get 2 FREE @Bucks tickets.— Pick 'n Save (@PicknSaveStores) October 29, 2016</blockquote>The supermarket NBA promotion is a beautiful thing. Sure, you might live in a city where games are always sold out and it’s impossible to get seats, but in small markets it’s not uncommon to see fun local giveaways to put butts in seats. That said, the Bucks might have just wrecked the curve for sad NBA promotions.See, they’re teaming up with “Pick ‘n

Save” to give away two tickets when you buy two frozen pizzas that normally sell for around $5 each. That means for just $10 you get two pizzas and two tickets. The deal is awesome, don’t get us wrong, but this is a late-January promotion living two games into the season. Also, we have to point this out: We waited 15 minutes after it was tweeted and only two people cared enough to retweet it. One of those was the Bucks themselves. WELCOME TO

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