Standard setting

Certified Arborist in Los Angeles are supposed to meet the set standards.  They are obliged to pass an examination to check their knowledge in industry of plant and environmental sector. Their in-depth knowledge in some of the necessary areas will be checked and certificate of Arborist is then issued.


A skilled and well-versed California arborist Culver City needs to demonstrate his education and dedication in maintaining the plants and vines at par. This certification means that your arborist has made sincere and recognised effort in order to pursue with current stage of requirement.


A Certified arborists have undergone all the tests and has fulfilled obligatory amount of Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for a period of three years or more.

Extra curriculum

He has attended college courses, seminars, practical case studies, participated in the local events, competitions, computer based training, presentations, seminars. In fact, he must have stayed up to date with CPR training and First Aid training.


A Registered Consulting Arborist must have significant, pertinent and relevant experience in performing the task with plants, trees, shrubs and vine at an individual level. Under some obligatory requirement, a Certified Arboristin Californiamust have spent at least three years in achieving the college degree. He must employ hard core efforts in attaining the best and in-depth knowledge through his career.


The ISA Organisation primarily focuses upon working at a professional level to deliver highest quality to each and every plant all over the region. Italso promotes networking -locally and beyond so that professionals can work with each other to bring the highest quality services to each region.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology serves as the prosperous gift which bolster the practise in yielding sustainable growth within the environment. The ISA Organisation not only focus on quality but it strives towards optimally utilising the resources and presenting best means of arboriculture practices. It determines how to use the science and technology and employ research to drive out the best results at helm.

Scientific knowledge

The job of an arborist is not only to trim and cut the trees instead he must employ high quality of tools and equipments while performing the task. Usage of scientific knowledge while scanning and managing the plants will maintain the balance in the ecosystem enhancing the life expectancy of a plant.

Collection of data

A Professional arborist often take the help from citations, literature reviews, seminars, podcasts, research based data in collecting the latest information and using technology to the fullest in reinforcing the professional standards and obligations.


Certified arborist Los Angeles governs their where about with comprehensive ethics. He must abide by the code of ethics. He is responsible to comply with regional and national polies to evolve with safe and green practice over the time.

He must be ethical while decision making, have a sense of respect and confidentiality that in turn reflects the accuracy and transparency among public. He must not indulge into conflicts of interest.

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