At the end of 2017, VMware acquired VeloCloud, the market leader in SD-WAN solutions, and incorporated its products into the NSX product family of virtualized networks, renamed NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud (hereafter referred to as VeloCloud). Through this acquisition, VMware has expanded its network virtualization from traditional data centers to wide-area networks to provide SD-WAN services to enterprise users. VeloCloud's architecture consists of the following components:

  1. Orchestrator : Orchestrator is the administrator of the entire software-defined WAN. The administrator configures, installs, and monitors the entire network through the interface provided by Orchestrator. Orchestrator is also responsible for scheduling packet traffic routing throughout the virtual WAN to optimize performance. aims.
  2. Gateway : Gateway is deployed in major cloud data centers around the world to provide optimized access to cloud services, branch offices, and enterprise data center access.
  3. Edge : Edge is the entire SD-WAN access device, responsible for virtual WAN access at each site, and is responsible for scanning packets to determine application type, monitor network performance, and provide end-to-end virtual network services.Virtualizing the entire WAN through VeloCloud can greatly increase the agility of the network , because at this time the entire WAN becomes software-based and can respond flexibly to various emergencies in the network, such as when a certain network When a failure or delay occurs, the data route is dynamically changed to continue to ensure the quality of the application layer data transmission.

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