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Introducing a Sex Toy in a relationship can be a very worrying time for some couples ugg kengät netistä , the best thing to remember is that a Sex Toy is to bring more Fun and Enjoyment to your Sex Life, being both fulfilling to you and your partner... but please remember... don't become a Sex Toy Addict!!! Start slowly... introduce your Vibrating toy to your neck, and when you feel right, introduce it to the rest of your body, your nipples, your stomach, around the pubic area, the base of your back ugg boots suomi , your inner thigh then down towards your intimate areas.(If you are a lady Make sure that you have your own body lubricants flowing before you introduce it...) Introduce a lubricant whether it be to your Genital Area or your anal area, as you don't want to be scared off using your Toy if you are not lubricated and this will give you more confidence too. Experiment with it... feel the Toy, work out your likes & dislikes with it, don't get embarrassed!!! Silicone Sex Toys give more of a 'real' feel.

Below is the Playtimeonline Encyclopaedia of the Materials used in Sex Toys.

Cyber Skin: Cyber skin has been made to replicate the feel of Real Skin... Yes real... like yours!! It is stretchy, ultra soft with a velvety consistency. It feels like a real Vagina or Penis! Cyber skin comes in a variety of other names too, such as Soft skin, Ultra skin, Eros kin & Soft touch and is very absorbent. This material is more expensive than most because of its 'real feel'. It is recommended that you use a Water Based Lubricant with Cyber skin because with silicone Lubricants ugg kengät ale , the Cyber skin materials will be attacked by Oil. Cyber Skins to do contain any Phthalates. It is recommended that to clean Cyber Skin Products you simply wash under a warm tap; shake off excess water and leave to dry. You could even dry it lightly with a Hair Dryer on a Low Setting! (Do not store it away whilst still wet). It will feel sticky after washing, but this is normal, Powder it with a bit of Corn Starch. Do not put Talc on the Cyber skin as this will decrease its real feel.

Glass: Glass Sex Toys are not only beautiful or good to look at, they are ideal for sliding in and out of your Vagina or Anus. Even better when used with a good Lubricant such as those from ID as then they stay slippery for even longer!!! Glass warms up relatively easy, even being left at room temperature for about 10 minutes will change the feel. We recommend that you inspect your Glass Toy before you use it each time so you don't get any nasty nicks!!! (Ouch). Glass Sex Toys are really easy to clean too, just wash them with Warm Soapy Water or a Toy Cleaner. They even look good on your mantle piece or on your bedside Table!!! They don't all look like a Penis you know!!!!

Jelly: Jelly has to be the most popular Material used in Sex Toys. It is used for different versions of products of nearly all Sex Toy Products available. Jelly has been used for Decades in the Sex Toy Industry, the reason for this is that it is cheap, comes in a variety of colours ugg kengät halvalla , (All the Colours of the Rainbow... and more besides). It does the job (and a good job it is too)! And makes your Sex Toys fun, fun fun! The drawback to this material is that jelly Sex Toys get dirty very easily and tend to be more absorbent than other materials that are used. As this material tends to be more absorbent, it is recommended that you use a condom, which will make your product last!!! Jelly Sex Toys also tend to get warmer to touch than other materials used. We recommend that you wash your Toy in warm soapy water after each use and store it in a box or a dry dust free place!

LatexRubber: RubberLatex is a very very firm and long-lasting material, it's cheap, resilient and adaptable. Rubber Sex Toys tend to be Flesh in Colouring or Black. Interesting Fact.... Most Dildos are made from Latex!!!

Metal: Metal is not used as much with Sex Toys, Metal seems to be used more on the 'Hardcore' Sex Toys like toys for S&M or if you are into real Powerful Mighty Sex Toys!!! Metal is easier for Vibrations to be sent out. Also being metal means that you are less likely to have an allergic reaction or transfer those little Nasty Germs we have all heard of. Metal is easy to Clean too!!!

Plastic: Plastic Sex Toys tend to have a hard surface but are normally smooth, fluted or textured. Obviously nike air zoom pegasus 32 hinta , this does depend on the type of Sex Toy you are using. Hard plastic Toys tend to send out Vibrations more easily, which leads to more powerful sensations and Orgasms!!! Plastic Sex Toys do not have any odour to them and are also easy to clean.

Porcelain: Porcelain tends to be strong, firm & very smooth. By holding a toy made of porcelain simply in warm water, it warms to body temperature. Porcelain Sex Toys are very hygenic as they are so easy to clean & are very hard wearing, a Sex Toy made of Porcelain if cared for correctly will last a lifetime.

Silicone: Silicone warms up quickly and tends to keep hold of heat well; it has a more 'Real Feel' to it. It is non absorbent and very flexible, this means that it is 'hypoallergenic' and can be cleaned very easily with just warm water or a specialised Toy Cleaner. Silicone Toys vary in their density meaning some are firm whilst others are very soft... As Silicone is one of the most expensive materials, Silicone Sex Toys tend to be more expensive, most Silicone Sex Toys are handmade nike air zoom pegasus 31 naiset , which means your Toy will be of a very high quality. Silicone has no bad odour to it; it adapts well to your body contours and sends out vibrations more effectively than any other material. Make sure with Silicone Toys you use only a Water Based Lubricant and not a Silicone Lubricant, as this will melt your sex Toy and you don't want that!!!

So just have fun, experiment and enjoy your product!!!

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