Nexon unveils two huge updates for MMOs MapleStory and Riders of Icarus

Dropping massive updates for a few of its MMOs, Nexon America has revealed particularly new content arriving at MapleStory and Riders of Icarus. MapleStory’s V update is its biggest revision in nearly 10 years, even though the Ranger’s Fury update increases Riders of Icarus’ level cap to 50.

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Adding a fifth volume of job advancement skills, the V update for MapleStory brings by it the new V-Matrix Skill system, that permits players to mix their favourite skills together to raise their power. With these new godlike skills, Nexon has added three new level 200+ areas, the Vanishing Journey, Chu Chu Island and Lachelein, complete having a new boss named Lucid, the Master of Nightmares.

In order for new players to experience this all new content, Nexon has reduced the knowledge needed to be able to level 200 by 30%, making that climb to your end-game less of a challenge. Along with UI improvements, a heightened inventory with 128 slots and much more questlines, the V update should help entice any players who fell away from the MapleStory wagon.

As for Riders of Icarus, the Ranger’s Fury update adds the full new Ranger class, which targets dealing heavy damage in any way ranges via your bow, your vambraces or via the effectiveness of Chaos. Rangers can spend money on further weapon skills, increasing their damage and further augmenting their play style.

This update brings with it a fresh level 40+ area referred to as Cloying Wastes, which is usually a vast desert filled up with new factions to ally with, dungeons just like the Fortress of Sorrow and also the Temple in the Sands to explore and much more mounts to gather. As this area is ideal for characters above level 40, the Ranger’s Fury update increases the extent cap to 50.

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