New skins introduced to Fortnite

But now, they are wondering whether there wasn't any point in buying it, after realizing the colour changing feature they paid for has actually been removed.The issue has existed for a few weeks now and disgruntled customers have been posting about fortnite items on the Fortnite BR subreddit, expressing their worries.

"So, I invested 2000 V-Bbucks back in October for the Deadfire skin since I loved how the epidermis evolves to the phantom form, however, it no longer changes colors! I really hope this is a bug rather than on purpose" said user Memeist1. Other fans, however, have went a step further and believe that Epic should be either looking to fix it as soon as possible, or take additional steps.

"This should really be addressed now" Mayo-over-miracle posted to the exact same thread. "I paid cash for a commodity. And, suddenly the product is changed which makes it far worse. "With modifications on the horizon, as the third v7.10 content update is determined by the way, many players will be expecting the programmer to repair this problem as soon as possible. But, there's been no official word from Epic about this issue buy fortnite traps - specifically - because of this time, leaving many fans questioning whether that is really a bug or an intentional change to the epidermis.

To Set 13 Devices On A Creative Island In'Fortnite' For Your Wrap Yet Reward

We're down to our final two days of 14 Days of Fortnite where players are asked to perform a series of challenges for a bunch of daily benefits which are generally, pretty easy to get. They are also free, as you don't need to own the conflict pass to get them.

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