New Peppberry Collection Is Dedicated To Women With Bigger Breasts

The new womenswear collection by Pepperbery, the sister brand to Bravissimo will help women with bigger breasts find the stylish clothes they have been waiting for.

If you're a woman with bigger breasts, shopping for stylish, well fitting clothes can be challenging. Even though the average British woman's breast size is thought to have increased in previous years to a size 36D.

According to research, there are more slimmer women with larger boobs than ever before. However, most UK fashion retailers still design collections for smaller breasts and flatter chests.

Now all of that is changing thanks to Pepperberry. Research shows that among women aged between 25 and 55 with bigger breasts, 85% of the respondents admitted to sizing up their clothes by one to two sizes just to fit their top half. A massive 90% claimed they felt slimmer and more confident when they wore items in the Pepperberry range.

The new range is perfect for women with bigger breasts
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Head Pepperberry Designer, Lucy Hewitt, previously a buyer for Per Una, has helped the clothing brand undergo a dramatic style makeover, she said "Most women with bigger boobs think they have to side-step fashion. But that's simply not true. In fact, it's a massive misconception. The mistake women with bigger boobs often make, is that they feel they need to dress their top half in a bigger size to their bottom half - sometimes up to two sizes bigger. Other traps women with big boobs fall into include wearing baggier looser fitting clothes on top, just to fit their boobs in, which then hide their waist."

"With clever tailoring and quality fabrics, women with bigger boobs can wear on-trend silhouettes without having to compromise on dress size. With this in mind our Autumn range has a strong fashion bias with modern 70s cut shapes, geo prints, co-ords and even form-fitting midi dresses to fit and flatter. Each item has been carefully designed with nods to next season's hottest styles".

Eve Deasy, aged 36 from Glossop, says "Being a size 10 with 30FF boobs has meant that shopping has always been a challenge. Well-fitting dresses and shirts are always the trickiest to buy. I either buy larger sizes which make me feel bigger than I actually am or spend 10 minutes wrestling with the zip on a size 10 dress. As for buying into fashion trends, forget it! You only have to look at the models on the catwalks to know that most fashion hasn't been designed with my shape in mind."

"I recently discovered Pepperberry and wore one of their beautiful navy dresses for a wedding I attended. I was an absolute revelation to find a collection that catered exactly for my figure. The dress I wore was not only bang on trend but it fitted me perfectly and the tailoring made me feel slimmer and more confident."

For more information and to view the collection visit or one of the 22 High Street stores across the UK, including Oxford Street, London.

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