Despite the fluctuating size of the accounting, tax code and bookkeeping practices do not change much each and every year. The changes in QuickBooks Accounting software 2015 are mostly small tweaks and little subtle improvements, but some of them might be just what you have been waiting for:-

1. Insights tab present in the Home window:- In previous versions of QuickBooks Accounting software, the Home window contained, well, the Home Page, which shows the workflow of bookkeeping and helps you access all the features of QuickBooks Accounting software you use very often. In QuickBooks Pro 2015 Support, the Home window has generally two tabs at its top left corner. As you might expect, the tab of Home Page displays the Home Page you are quite familiar with. When you click the new tab of Insights (The Insights Tab), you will see a dashboard that highlights the financial status and activity of your company. Initially, the top panel of the tab displays a colorful Loss and Profit graph, in which the green bars represent your monthly income, blue bars shows your monthly expenses, and a black line graphs your profit by the end of the month. But that is not all! You can click the arrows on both sides of this panel to view other graphs that are high-level, such as a comparison between the previous year and the current year, top customers by sales, and trends in expenses and income.

2. The bottom half of the tab of Insights displays much more details about your expenses and income:- On the left, the section of Income is like a mini Tracker of Income (described next, and covered in information or detail on Receivables Aging); it generally lets you quickly scan totals for invoices that are unpaid, overdue invoices, and payments of customer received in the past 30 days. And the list of Expenses and a pie chart on the right side help you identify where you spend most of the money.

3. Income Tracker upgrades:- Tracker of Income (Receivables Aging) boasts a couple of enhancements that are quite helpful. In addition to the boxes that are colored for estimates, open invoices (that is, invoiced income that is not due yet), recent customer payments and overdue invoices, Tracker of the Income now also displays a box for unbilled expenses and time. In QuickBooks Accounting software 2015, you can specify the categories that are unbilled which you want to see by clicking the Settings icon at the top right of the window (it looks like a gear), and then clicking all the checkboxes to turn unbilled categories off or on.

4. Updated Reminders window:- The window of Reminders (Reminders) has a brand new look. On the left side of the window, you now see transactions and to-dos that are due as of today, so you know what is on deck for your day of work. The list on the right of the window shows transactions and to-dos that are coming up soon. If a category is usually collapsed, click the flippy triangle just next to its heading to show each reminder in that particular section. To collapse a category, click the triangle that is quite flippy to hide its individual reminders.

5. Pinned notes:- QuickBooks Accounting software program various centers have a brand new twist: You can now select a note that is associated with a customer, vendor, or employee and pin it so it appears at the top right of the center when you select that name in the name list of the center (Viewing To-Dos). For instance, say you create a note about a problem a customer has with an order. You can pin that note in the Center of the Customer so that, whenever you select that particular customer in the Customer Center, the note is quite easy to spot.

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