Netgear genie is a must app for every Wi-Fi user

As we know, these days, we are very much dependent on the internet and Wi-Fi to do our daily tasks. Whether its shopping, banking or official work, we rely on the internet and Wi-Fi. To fulfil such needs, we always need a strong and consistent Wi-Fi network at our home. But sometimes, our home router isn’t enough to cover entire area of our home with Wi-Fi network. The Netgear wireless range extenders boost the Wi-Fi range of our existing home router to reach upto every corner inside our home. With Netgear wireless range extender there comes the Netgear genie application which is very useful in monitoring ourwifi network.

# Netgear Genie could be downloaded easily

Netgear genie a must app for each and every Wi-Fi user. It could be downloaded easily and work on windows as well on mac operating systems. We just have to visit Netgear homepage and there, we would be able to see, to download it for windows or mac. As per our operating system, we could download it easily by clicking on that link. Once the Netgear genie application would be downloaded, we just have to install it,which will take upto a minute. After that, the Netgear genie is ready to use.

# We can keep track of our devices which are connected to internet

With the help of Netgear genie, we could keep track of each and every device which would be connected to internet easily on a one go. We just have to open the Netgear genie application and click on Network map. On the network map we would be able to see, how many devices are connected to internet. And every time a new device will get connected to internet, the Netgear genie application will always notify us about that.

# Network status could be checked easily

We could even check our network status on the Netgear genie. We could see on the top of our screen whether the network status is good, best or bad. We could even Connect to Wi-Fi network of our choice with Netgear genie. We could even repair our Wi-Fi network with Netgear genie. We just have to run the diagnostics and it will shows us all the error which is stopping us from having the internet access. The most important thing about Netgear genie is that its free of cost. There are no charges to install Netgear genie and it could be downloaded any tome by vesting the official site of Netgear.

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