necessary equipment of talc production line

Talc quality grinder adopts gear reducer instead of the original, more compact structure, the work efficiency is improved; using dilute oil lubrication system is advanced and can realize the automatic lubricating effect, reduces the parts wear, protect the normal operation of the equipment; talc quality grinder surface observation window, avoid air duct volute vortex effect, make the air flow more fluent and smooth; design of sliding stone powder machine curved blade, and the material of high wear-resistant blade, make higher operation efficiency, longer service life, increased the material and the grinding ring roller contact area, improve the yield.

Zenith company roll grinding of talc grinding machine host and a grinding roller made great change, material from the top down to repeated grinding, make full use of the grinding roller of centrifugal force, and the grinding ring contact area is large, so it can produce very high powder fineness. The fineness of the product are mainly distributed in the 5-45 microns. It is designed to change the traditional structure of the flour mill, grinding and grinding ring made of hard alloy, greatly prolongs the service life, do not need regular replacement of wearing parts, greatly improving the efficiency of use, so the model of talc processing equipment prices relative to other quality grinder price is on the high side.

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