thank you for letting me join brooklynne Togel is short for Toto Dark which is a betting game to guess the numbers that will come out. For example in Singapore prize expenditure.

The secret means that because the lottery PENGELUARAN HK game is strictly prohibited by the government, therefore it must be kept secret so that it is not discovered by the authorities because it can be convicted for being involved in a lottery gambling case.

Togel is not new, for the people of the world and Indonesia.In Indonesia, Togel began as a legal activity to contribute to sporting activities, which in the 1980s were known as SDSB (Social Funds Donations).
As more protests from various elements of society and religion arose, the legality of the SDSB was eventually stopped, and all activities involving this white coupon gambling were banned.
In line with that, the players who already have hobbies playing lottery finally continue to like shooting numbers clandestinely.

Departing from gambling activities in hiding this is finally called gambling lottery or dark toto. 

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