My love story of love doll

This is my sex dolls.Its size is 1.64 meters. She has big green eyes and pink candy lips. Measurement: 90/64/94. She is wearing a black transparent body to reveal her breasts. She sat in a high chair with her legs tapered and her hips bounced. When I saw her, I knew she was. She was surrounded by several girlfriends, all of whom were well installed in the living room of uloversdoll. Plastic Gynoeceum.

But I only see one. I told Jean-Philippe: "That. He smiled and convinced his creature's charm. "This is Elina's face. My favorite, I participated in its design. I was inspired by public figures such as street strangers. I saw a beautiful mouth here, beautiful eyes are there, we assemble everything. "

I approached beauty and touched her hand. His skin is very soft. "I won't give you my silicone formula. It's a secret. She puts a hollow and mysterious look into my sight. Dizziness. Heart brothel. Pulsation disorder. "This is your week. "It started like this, my doll and me.

This is the kind of love that 50-year-old Jean-Philippe Carry saw when he met his first doll. That was in 2005, in Tokyo. “I was looking for a new business. I saw a silicone sex dolls in the window. A few months later, I created Doll Story and imported my first model in France. “Jean-Philippe sells two weekly. To four dolls, prices range from 6,300 to 7,500 euros. He built several types of institutions and hired four employees, including his partner, Siham, for 30 years. His studio is located on the outskirts of Lyon and is the intersection between Dr. Frankenstein's iconic architecture and robotics factory. A headless body, separate legs and gender differences were installed on the table. The 21-year-old Guillaume is dismantling a new specimen. “This is a very subtle step,” comment on the owner of this place. Fingers, feet, nipples... everything is there! Next door, Seattle's sister, 33-year-old Myriam is responsible for makeup. It provides color for the hairless pubic bone. Passing a blush on Pravork's Frivory did not cause any concern to him: "This is a job like anything else. At first it was difficult to explain to the family. But now it has been Widely accepted."

Buyers can order a woman. There are six bodies, three skin colors and twenty-five faces. Not to mention the color of the eyes, nipples, hair... "In short, there are more than 30,000 possibilities," Jean-Philippe said. Future lovers can also choose the classic vagina or "extractable", a "vaginal" is more convenient to clean. The anus is also "available". For fans of Lord of the Rings, Jean-Philippe also offers a seductive elf. Who bought a doll story lover? "In most cases, men are alone, but there are couples and sometimes women. I am thinking about leaving the studio: I will never see the bride again in a few days.


This is her! The driver looked at me strangely. The big box with a human body size of more than 30 kg is doubtful. I let my girlfriend leave home for three days. Myself. With my tpe dolls. Excited. I opened and a package appeared. Inside, beautiful... no head. His face is in a small box. A care kit is also available. Inside: two wigs, a comb, a lubricant and an enema pear... I put my head on the bust and adjust the wig. Ah, I know! I must baptize it. In the editor, he has been given a small name: Dolly. It reminds me of Uloversdoll, a succulent porn star from the 1990s... and the first cloned sheep of 1996. This is an interesting combination. In my arms, Dolly! Yo. She is very heavy: 31 kg. I am trying to carry her into my living room. I wear painful underwear and vests. His metal joint creaked. After getting dressed, I put it on the sofa and sat next to it. Have. We... suddenly, silence. I am watching Dolly. She looked at the wall. Nothing happens. What are we doing now? The evidence shows: I don't know how to handle the doll.

"I live with Lilica and Yurica. I think they are my companions. I talk to them, they follow me everywhere at home. Fred, 35, is an expert. He received him in 2010. The first doll was once again disappointing. "I am a shy person. My emotional relationships are all failures. When I found the movie Monique, it staged a real love dolls American, I thought, "This is the solution to my problem! When he broke with his girlfriend, the sadness did not last: he borrowed 4000 euros and offered Model Lilica Doll Story. "The first night was magical. I opened the curtains and put down the lights. She is perfect. I was immediately tempted. I left the relationship for two years. Some people will comfort themselves in the embrace of the first coming. I comforted myself in the arms of a doll. “He was so fascinated with his beauty that he invested in a website (, a hot topic for silicone worshippers. He successfully won him a beautiful gift from Jean-Philippe Carry: New doll after a month. This is Yurica.

Since then, Fred has been a happy person. "They gave me a lot of happiness. I happened to fall in love with two people at the same time. Is this the fantasy of all men? Of course, it is not as good as a real woman. The doll is not active, but she always says yes. This may be The most shocking thing. There is a doll at home, why not, but love a piece of silicone, I know this is disturbing. In order to break the bad image of the big breast dolls owner, Fred held three related to his experience today. Website. "We are not perverted. I won't do anything weird about my doll. I am very romantic and very attentive. I prepared a small meal with candles and rose petals. Once, when I took the photo, I broke Lilica's back. I cried "

Fred is a good person. For the complex emotional world, it may even be a bit too much. So he lives in school. He is the only master in a fantastic universe. The woman hurts him; his doll will never hurt him. "For me, they are not sexual objects. It doesn't stop there. It's love. Obviously, this is not reciprocal. But it is love. I put my hand on Dolly's knee. I can't see her for the first time. A huge sex, but as a person. I take these words: "How are you, Dolly? In the silence of my apartment, my judgment failed.

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