My Dell Computer Running Slow on Windows 10

New Dell Computer Running Slow on Windows 10, How to Solve this Problem?

A computer or laptop running slow over time is very normal because as it gets older, the software and hardware gets damaged hence the performance of the device gets weaker or slower and thereby producing many problems and issues. But a new computer running slow is quite unusual. There have been issues addressed by customers complaining about their Contact for dell technical support . You will know when you have this same problem when ‘your computer freezes every now and then’, ‘runs hot and heats up quickly’, ‘extremely slow startups’. The problem could be hard to pinpoint because it could either be the computer’s fault or the Windows Operating System. So to get to the bottom of this, this blog has taken into consideration some very effective steps that you can implement to resolve this issue. You can either stick around and give this blog a read or you can contact Dell customer care.

Ways to fix dell slow performance on windows 10.

Try to restart your computer daily.

If you restart your computer daily, your computer will be cleared of memory thereby allowing more RAM space which will improve the speed of your computer.

Try to run an online hardware diagnostics test of your Dell PC.

This will help you identify the source of the problem and you will be able to carry out the troubleshooting steps accordingly. To run a diagnostics test you must:

  • On your browser, go to the Dell support site and click on the ‘detect product’ option or you could enter the ‘service tag’ and hit the ‘submit’ button.
  • Now click on the ‘diagnostics’ tab and choose whether to run a full, quick, custom or stress test.

You can use the windows ready boost feature.

This is a utility tool that is available in Windows 7 to 10 that utilizes flash drives, SD card etc. to increase random disk reads.

  • First, you must connect the preferred device to use with ReadyBoost with the PC.
  • Now open file explorer by pressing the windows key and E and open the properties of the device you used.
  • Now under this click on the ‘ReadyBoost’ tab, and wait for the computer to analyze the drive and click on ‘dedicate this device to ReadyBoost’ and click on ‘apply’ and ‘ok’.

Try cleaning the air vents on your Dell computer.

When there isn’t a regular flow of air as a result of clogged air vents, the system becomes hot and causes serious performance issue on Dell computers, one of it being slow performance. So to clean your air vent you need to:

  • First turn off your computer and check the air vent for dust and debris.
  • Now utilize a soft brush or a can of compressed air to clean out the dirt or dust.

These are some of the steps you can apply when your Dell computer runs slow. If you have any queries or technical problem you can contact Dell Support Number.

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