Recently, the Milan acquisition again into a puzzle. When the black corps foreground DeAndre' Bembry Jersey confusing, the other team for Milan's offensive attack intensified. According to the "Italian football" news, the Spanish athletic athletes in Madrid for the Milan thigh Su Suo and the Italian striker Desilio are very interested. And Serie A champion Juventus for Desi Leo's preferences have long been not a day or two things. It is reported that the 23-year-old Su Suo experienced in Genoa rental exercise after the season to becom the team's first thigh, the event to produce 6 ball 9 assists, directly involved in Milan one-third of the goal. If not injured, he should be very likely to obtain the recruitment of the Spanish national team. Atletico coach Simoni think Su Suo is the team's perfect patch DeAndre' Bembry Womens Jersey in the offensive system, very much recognized its ability. Has been invited to apply for a club in Milan this summer to offer. In the "Italian football" it seems that if the failure of the European and European sports on the acquisition of Milan, the summer of 2019 contract Su Su is likely to leave the team this summer. A similar situation also occurred in Desi Leo who. As the flag of Milan figures, Desilio is the team's vice, despite the performance of the club has been unable to play for the national team when the high level of effectiveness, but Desi Leo as a system player, in the two Tactical execution ability, so that Milan's former coach Allegri is very much appreciated. At present, Desilio has not yet completed the renewal of Milan, Juventus and Atletico Madrid have seen the possibility of poaching. Desi Leo's contract will expire in the summer of 2018. Once can not be completed in this year's renewal, Milan and even face the gap between man and the air. Juventus is in desperate need to be able to fill the right side of the right side of the right side of the lei Steiner m/Deandre_Bembry_Jersey and Alves two veterans on the right side of the vacancy, and Simoni is that de Siliao is also a valuable complement to the horse. 24-year-old Desilio has played for the Italian national team 30 times, both capable of four guard system of the left and right back, but also competent three defender system wing wing, is a real sense of the edge of the attack and defense million gold players

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