Max Polyakov’s EOS is developing a service that opens new possibilities for Earth's Observation. As a philanthropist, Max Polyakov concentrates not only on business goals but also supports social responsibility programs.


Earth observation completes the important mission of gathering the information about planet's biological, physical, and chemical systems. It brings great social responsibility value, though commercial aspect is included widely, too. First of all, the natural environments monitoring helps people understand planetary changes, the role of humans in these changes, and predict potential crucial points of this impact beforehand. Max Polyakov, managing partner of Noosphere Ventures, is one of the industry's representatives. About two years ago Noosphere and Max Polyakov backed Earth Observing System Data Analytics. The service is becoming a leader in Earth observation considering that here are two new planet-scale trends in the field.


The first one is characterized by a rapidly increasing amount of data around the earth available to proceed. The second one is growing number of services that need raw data to provide their clients with processed data based on raw pictures of the Earth.

Max Polyakov collaborated with Marc Fagan, and they developed cloud-based Earth Observing analytics platform together. The team rose up to 103 employers including over 60 specialists with master's degree in the field, 9 Doctors of Philosophy, and 4 professors. The specialties of employees include Earth Observation, GIS, analytics, and mathematics. You can find additional information in the article Max Polyakov Relaunches Firefly with High Hopes to Bridge Gap between CubeSats and Space.


Not long time ago, only two commercial satellites provided good quality imagery for commercial aims only. The situation has changed, and now there are plenty of sources providing this valuable for planet information including UrtheCast, Planet, and European Space Agency. Some of the companies are going to launch SAR satellites, it will make around the Earth imagery become even more available. But still, the access to hi-res imagery is not the key point for many companies. The problem is understanding and implementing this data which in many cases is impossible for users or companies without additional expertise that includes machine learning and AI. This is exactly where Max Polyakovs EOS comes in. EOS Data Analytics provides expertise in data analysis using machine learning and AI to adopt the data and provide its usability.

Earth Observing Systems services may apply a variety of business models, including automated analysis provision or selling raw images. Max Polyakovs EOS is focused on platform-as-a-service aspect for developing, presenting, building, and imaging analytics and processing. EOS have released "LandViewer" service that provides analytics on datasets from aerial imagery providers and additional satellites. They have developed proprietary methods to automatically index, stitch, tile, and mosaic raw imagery, which it offers to satellites and aerial data providers.

Max Polyakov is focused on energy, agriculture, and financial industries. Though there are many commercial products in these areas, EOS also collaborate with nonprofit organizations like World Ocean Council or Blue Planet. The service helps to monitor nitrate pollution, reveal oil spills, or give insight into coral reefs deterioration.

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