There is no doubt that completing the Taskmaster challenges in the game, “Spider-man PS4” is quite tricky. In these challenges, you will need to test the arsenal of web-based skills thoroughly. There are tons of unique trials available, which one can access on the basis of gamer’s ability with a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal.


With sufficient gold medals, you will get a challenge token that can be utilized to buy and boost gadgets and suits. Also, these Taskmaster missions come in four different modes, such as combat, drone, stealth, and bomb challenges. So, here is the complete breakdown of the best possible way to resolve the Taskmaster’s challenges by following a convenient way.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Beating Stealth Challenge –

In the Taskmaster challenges, it is one of the easiest one, in which gamers need to eliminate an array of opponents without being spotted. This challenge will require players to have intimate information about the stealth mechanics of the game.  To accomplish the challenge, it is recommended to utilize the web strike takedowns or perch. These are stealth friendly moves, which will conveniently help to hunt down any enemy in no time.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Beating Combat Challenge –

In this next challenge, players require to take down a set amount of enemies in the quickest possible time. These opponents show up in the common forms fought throughout the Spider-Man game like the usual villain, heavy villain, riot shield villain, and more. So, make sure to remember every skill that you have learned until now and use it accordingly.

Besides that, the fastest method to accomplish these combat challenges is to use grenade gadgets. With this, you can effortlessly defeat a group of opponents in a single shot and a better option to save your time.   At last, make sure to choose the fast option or quick strategy to get rid of the enemies and get the challenge token along with the gold medal.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Beating Bomb Challenge –

Move on to the Bomb challenge, find your way to the bomb locations marked throughout the map and try to deactivate them within the given time. To successfully accomplish the bomb challenge, a gamer must be experienced in using the web-swinging move. By using such moves, you can quickly get from one location to another in the flick of seconds. Ensure that to head straight to the closed bomb location first and then make a way to the other bombs systematically to disarm them.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Beating Drone Challenge –

These trails are by far the most challenging to accomplish among these missions. In this Drone challenge, you need to follow the irregular flight pattern and then swing through the blue bubbles it leaves behind. In other words, it is the test of gamer’s reaction time and web-slinging ability to beat the drone trail in a set amount of time.

However, it is very frustrating for some players to follow the random drone movements and pass through the bubble it leaves in its wake.  Note, few bubbles will be placed on the top of the building or zippable ledges. In case you miss one of the bubbles, then there is no need to get too discouraged. Just follow the drone and learn its pattern. Afterward, try again and use the newfound information that you have gathered recently.

All in all, Taskmaster challenges are, without any doubt, a fun variety of tricky trails that will test your determination and grit. So, ensure that to allocate the tips offered to acquire challenge tokens and gold medals.

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Source : Marvel’s Spider-Man: Taskmaster’s Challenges Guide


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