Cheap Newport Cigarettes 100s Buy Newports Online Cheap promote thrift, eliminate luxury and waste, the command of the family (village "two committees" team members) cigarette smoking no more than 10 yuan/box, wines no more than 60 yuan/bottle; Cigarette smoking is not allowed to exceed five yuan/box and drinking is not really allowed to exceed 50 yuan/bottle in the cadre family (middle-level deputy cadre or above) and the middle-income family. Groups of ordinary Newport 100s Cigarettes workers and villagers are not allowed to smoke a lot more than 2 yuan per package and drink less than twenty yuan per bottle. Yan xiaoping and zhou dingfu, both villagers, Marlboro Red Cigarettes were fined 2, 000 yuan every for breaching village rules, according to the first punishment observe jointly issued by the self-discipline inspection commission and the guidance office of yaozhihe community in maqiao town associated with baokang county on Mon. (chutian metropolis daily, april 15)

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