Marlboro Gold Regular Cigarettes discovered

1 box of 10, 000, 1 seconds a day price 1 . 4 billion

A lot more than 200 police officers captured thirty-three suspects at the scene as well as seized 78, 000 bogus cigarettes such as yunyan (soft treasures) and yunyan (purple). Police for further investigation Marlboro Gold Regular Cigarettes discovered that the counterfeiting dens creation time more than nine a few months, every second can produce one box of cigarette, every day production of counterfeit smokes in 10000 or so, based on the "town of male law enforcement report" in the middle of April, 2018, xiong county town associated with tobacco monopoly administration within the work found a large number of bogus cigarettes into the town regarding male clues, xiong region public security Carton of Newport 100s Online bureau authorities, hence to town Newport Regular Newport 100s Wholesale Cigarettes city male police according to the hints, captured in kunming forty two "88" honghe counterfeit smoking Buy Newports Online Cheap cigarettes, value 210000 yuan, grabbed the criminal suspect two, and 1 person traveling away, police and cigarette monopoly bureau staff to flee the vehicle tracking, Found get away vehicles entering qujing town kirin area a suv villa waiting outside the town, the police found a large automobiles out of the village in the morning each day, up until 5 PM to come back to, the occasional vehicle drop smoke packaging, paper, tobacco add-ons and so on, further investigation located that villa have higher voltage, transformers, do not keep cigarette flavour,

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