marble crushing process and curing period

The relationship between the marble crushing process and curing period is also very close, it is related to the structures formed and marble concrete, early in order to reduce the heat of hydration of cement, improve the uniformity of initial structure, adjust the setting of concrete, hardening function and process, especially to the hardening of late, marble micro set feeding effect can significantly improve the cement paste dense network structure, reinforced concrete itself against various erosion defense ability, many factors prevent deterioration resulting in a vicious circle of cracks. Therefore, the evaluation on marble crushing process concrete, should consider the performance of concrete hardening later shall prevail.

Marble immune effect evaluation, must contact the on site quality inspection real concrete. When it is necessary, the marble and prevention of a concrete injured neck effect, develop long-term and systematic comparison test and exposure test tide, access to data, amend the relevant reinforced concrete design and construction standards.

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