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Do you have no idea on what to do in bachelorette parties? Sometimes, it has been so hectic when you already arrange and organize your own wedding with the organizer. It has been so exhausting but preparing this kind of party must be different because it also gives different vibes before the wedding day. You must know that the party is everything about the bond between the friends and the bride. It should not be always official or formal, but the very important thing about it is the fun. If you have no idea what to do when you are going to have this party, you can get the ideas. There are many things the bride and friends can do. You could discuss with the organizer or if you just have your own crew with other friends, you could discuss with them. Sometimes, it could be so stuck when someone does not have the idea. We are here to inspire you and make wonderful ideas for games or the whole concept of your party. Besides, the wedding party, this bachelorette party should be about fun. If you need ideas, and games to design, you have to consider these things before making the activities for the party.


Spa Day

Who thinks that bachelorette parties are all about drinking alcohol and doing something crazy? That is not right. It is just so wrong. We have known that it could be everything in bachelorette night because it depends on your agreement with the bride and their best friends. Spa Day could be so special because you do it together with best friends. You could go and make special treatment before the wedding. Make the bride real princess before the day.


Another thing you could do with your best friends for your hen’s party is shopping. Rather than spending money to organizers and you just can’t be free to arrange everything, just go shopping. You could do it all day long. It is not always about shopping for clothes or makeup, but you could do anything there.

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Playing fun Games

Playing fun game could sound so old-fashion, but it is really never getting old because it is always fun to play games with your best friends. You could play challenge or just classical and yet fun game like Truth or Dare, see here for hens party game reference: You could also compete with your best friends to arranging the most fun game. It will be so memorable for you to create your own game. For more info in Sydney hens night click here or For Brisbane check out the Brisbane 

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