If you are looking for something that makes your bathroom cleaning task stress-free and effective, then Hermitage is available here with a wide range of Eco Friendly Products in Singapore for cleaning the bathroom. Just like other parts of a home, the lavatory is also the most important part that plays a crucial role in your life. This is only the place where you can get an amazing experience of showering and where you release your all-day stresses.  


For making your bathroom cleaning task easy, we have some outstanding tips for you! These cleaning tips are fast, simple, and are going to make your least most loved task an absolute breeze.

Clean the mirror

Many times, you have seen the washroom mirror gets so gross. It is covered with dust, cosmetics and toothpaste, and because of this, you can hardly see your face. With the help of Bacoff cleaners, you can easily clean your bathroom mirror.

Remove shower scum

Nobody likes to shower gazing at cleanser scum. Yuck. Clean that maliciousness away with the help of Bacoff multipurpose cleaner. This will remove all the soap scum from your shower and make it clean and sparkling within a small time.

Clean hard water stains perfectly

Many times, you have seen your metal accessories like faucets are covered with hard water stains which spoil the look of your lavatory and they are impossible to get rid of. Hermitage brings a gigantic range of organic stain cleaner that will make your restroom smell and look great by breaking down any hard water stains.

Clean toothbrush holders

This one is simply excessively simple and easy. If your toothbrush holder is getting stopped up with cleanser scum and superfluous grime, no worries and try Bacoff multipurpose cleaner. It will work great for you without any extra efforts.

Clean your toilet bowl regularly

When it comes to cleaning the toilet bowl, try to use Bacoff cleaner. We at Hermitage offer a perfect organic cleaning solution that kills germs, bacteria, mold, and makes filth to disappear for a sparkling clean. Furthermore, you can utilize it everywhere.

Clean toilet brush perfectly

To avert smells (and from scouring your toilet germs away with something similar as germ-pervaded), pour a little all-purpose cleaner in the base of the brush holder for a consistent spotless and delicate smell.

Apart from these things, Hermitage also helps you in cleaning the bathroom floor by offering Best Bathroom Floor Cleaner at reasonable prices.

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