They professional simply places on the individual the oximeter and within seconds they get a reading of the SpO2 levels which in turn allow the individual to gauge the level of oxygen in the body of the person and to decide whether supplemental oxygen is necessary. A Pulse oximeter is the most advanced and useful tool used today by emergency health care professionals out there in the field.Scuba diving is a sport that many individuals truly love and enjoy. The ability to see underwater worlds and the solitude that can be experienced is truly an enjoyment to those individuals that enjoy the sport. However, one Bow Legs No More of the most important things to do in scuba diving is to monitor the oxygen of individuals engaged in the sport. The reason oxygen is particularly important to measure in these situations is because of a potential issue that can occur which is hypoxia. Hypoxia represents a lack of oxygen in specific tissues in the human body. Due to the lack of oxygen in a specific area of the human body the tissue may be fatally destroyed or other health conditions and issues may arise. For example, say the individual wants to go scuba diving and takes part in an 8 hour scuba diving session whereby they are exposed to several moments of lack of oxygen. When the individual gets back to their home they may realize that they may feel as if they are light headed or have specific parts of their body that are in pain.

It is extremely important for these individuals to monitor their oxygen levels to ensure that they are not in risk of hypoxia.A great tool used by adventurers like scuba divers is the use of a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a health device that is utilized to measure blood oxygen saturation as well as pulse rate with amazing accuracy and speed. The device also is extremely small and portable that can be taken anywhere the individual desires to take it. This is one of the most important aspects of a pulse oximeter is the fact that it is extremely portable and can be taken anywhere you desire to go. The size of an oximeter is the fraction of the size of a the smallest cell phone on the market.However, although it has a very small size on the on other hand it has such amazing capability in regards to vital sign monitoring especially pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. The oximeter uses the latest in infrared technology to monitor the SpO2 levels. The way that it works is simple in some regards however extremely technically complex in other regards. The device emits a safe infrared light that travels through the individuals skin on their finger. The infrared light can measure the differences in cells in the blood to determine a number which represents the SpO2 levels.

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