Use spring roll machine to make spring roll skin, the real thin as a flap!


Last weekend, I was fortunate to go to the banquet of my client's son with my colleagues. The banquet was held in a famous hotel in the city. During the meal, a dish called Chuntiao made me shine, almost transparent skin, wrapped in red, green and green. The side dishes are looming and super appetite! Pick up a spring roll, look up, one bite, soft, thin and tough, really delicious! This dish is the same as the spring rolls that I eat at home. I wrap some stuffing on one level, but the spring rolls that I eat at home are all made by my mother. Every time my mother does it, she has to work hard to get rid of the dough. It took a lot of time and effort. After that, it was rarely done. On the way home after dinner, I talked with my colleagues. I felt that the spring rolls were particularly delicious. I talked to my colleagues and learned that the spring rolls that I used to eat were made by our company. I purchased a spring roll machine from our company a year ago, and the business is getting better and better. I have long-term cooperation with major hotels in the city. I have to send tens of thousands of spring rolls to the hotel one day, not only the hotels in the city. Will purchase spring rolls from customers, will also send spring rolls to other places, listen to colleagues said that the customer's business is getting bigger and bigger, has already purchased multiple spring roll machines from our company, constantly expanding Scale, built a deep relationship with our company.


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