Lung Cancer - Are You At Danger?

Checking houses and companies for radon is among the best ways to tell how much radon is coming Are radon test kits accurate? into your home through fractures and crevices. A radon test informs you numerically what the threat in your home is. And since our kids, animals and ourselves breathe radon gas in and out continuously, it makes sense that a growing number of people are getting the test done to make sure there is as little radon in their house as possible. After all, if you could prevent lung cancer, wouldn't you?

Although radon does not give you much of a chance to defend yourself or trace whether you have actually been exposed, radon testing and mitigation systems have actually been developed in order to measure the radon count in your workplace, school, or home. There are even ways to make these locations nearly one hundred percent radon-free. Not just do you desire the locations where you invest the most time to have a low radon count, but you want it gone. Did you know that the majority of people, who have cancer from radon exposure, did not get it since they were saturated in it; however because of a low radon concentration?


According to The Cedartown Standard in 1952 simply one mile up the Rocky Mountains you would find Merry Widow, an old uranium mine turned into a reduce radon water fountain of health [2] Numerous elderly people went into the water leaking 500 ft. mine shaft stated to launch low levels of radon in intend to treat their ails. Reviews were offered gaining interest as some declared they could move faster, feel healthier, see much better, and stroll out of wheelchairs. Seems like a spiritual healing, but it's natures own present appeared by tough working miners.


What are a few of the dangers hiding inside your home? Aside from Radon Facts, which we have actually been going over just recently here, there are other chemical threats to be familiar with too. (Learn more about Radon Facts HERE) One of the radon exposure symptoms most typical risks in the house is the risk of lead poisoning.

The most threatening adverse effects of radon gas is lung cancer. It is the only physical condition shown to be connected to radon direct exposure. According to the EPA, cigarette smokers have an even greater danger of getting lung cancer when exposed to radon due to the fact that they have more carcinogens travelling through their lungs at a constant rate.

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