lore-wise allegedly potent enough to RS gold destroy a town

Even at the commencement of our adventurer life we have defeated very strong animals, for example Delrith (lore-wise allegedly potent enough to RS gold destroy a town ) and Elvarg. If we want to state the Completionist cape and its trimmed variant do exist and are actually obtained by the World Guardianwe can also say our character is powerful enough to defeat creatures like Nex, the QBD, Telos and Voraggo.So, how powerful precisely we're from the lore? How successful is that the World Guardian in comparison to strong beings?

So I know they were attracted by Bandos from Yu' buisk to struggle in the godwars for him but how did he bring them to Gielinor precisely? We know to bring people, Gnomes, Dwarfs, Fairies etc to Gielinor at the start of the 1st age, Guthix had to utilize the elder sword to create the world gate. Later after Guthix vanished we understand Seren obtained a hold of the gate and used it to deliver the elves. We all know the elves needed it until it was take by Zaros at the onset of the 2nd era as that is how they accessed the crystals for their city and weapons. Zaros utilized the gate to bring the Vyre to Gielinor out of vampyruim, and readily explore realms. We know the gate was hidden in the shadow kingdom about that time, so just how was it used by Bandos? Did he use it? Did Bandos bring goblins etc to fight at the 3rd era Godwars for him?

Want to hear some * t7+2*t6/2What is that about? Did I cite divine? Is there Ts? This is all about gods. A god. Called Tumeken. According to wiki, he was tier 5 before he burst. Before that explosion, he and Elidinis had inserted some divine energy to their two pets and made them grade 6 gods. They treated both . Their names are Amascut and Itchlarin. At some point Tumeken had runescape 2007 gold established four grade 7 gods: Apmeken, Scarabas, Het and Crondis.What? You understood this? Well this is just some concept on my query. The question? It is pretty straightforward. By creating gods, energy is taken. How strong was Tumeken before they were created by him?

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